Wednesday, January 15, 2020


First of all, it is important to be aware of the differences between postmodernism and modernism. While modernism always tries to find a new way to express something, postmodernism has no such concern. Modernism itself is representational, normative, original and Universalism. It has a linear progress. Postmodernism has no concern about being original. Moreover postmodernism claims that there is not possible way to create something brand new anymore. So, contrary to modernism's originality, postmodernism is quotation based. It is simulation and relativistic.While it is common to encounter alienated self in postmodernism, there is a decanter self in postmodernism. It will be useful to adopt the major characteristics of postmodernism into the postmodern movies. In postmodern films, we usually do see barcaroles. Those barcaroles are inspired mostly from the past. It is possible to say that the postmodern films have a mission of recycling the past. Moreover, since the high and low cultur e got stuck in the modern times, it is not possible to come across a separated culture in postmodern films. Postmodern films bring them together and melt them in a pot.They do not have one specific genre. Genre-cross over is commonly recognized in postmodern movies. A postmodern movie can be attached to several genres at the same time. One of the major characteristics of postmodernism, quotation shows itself as intellectuality. It can also be engaged to non-linearity in some examples. Postmodern movies mostly contain references to other movies. That's a major element of intellectuality. While it is common to recognize reference to other movies it is also possible for a postmodern movie to reflect upon its own process.Parodies and pastiches have also a major part in postmodern movies. We usually do see the parodies of horror movies. A postmodern film also bends the time and creates confusions over the time and space. By the time it also blurs the lines between dream and reality. Espe cially the hyper reality blurs the lines by creating a simulation of reality. Also the element, metrification is used in postmodern films. For instance if a character speaks directly to the audience, it can be said that one of the elements of metrification is used. Metrification breaks the spell of the movie.

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